Downs Bank National Trust in Infra-red

We visited this National Trust property (no house, just wooded hillsides) earlier this week. As I am still getting used to taking infra-red photos I decided to take my infra-red camera with me. Here are a few photos taken on the day:

Trees alongside a stream that flows through the woods
A view of the stream
I was interested to see how the cattle looked when viewed in infra-red
A panoramic view (3 images stitched together) of the surrounding farmland
This view of a path by the edge of the grounds is a 2-image vertical panorama
An old tree trunk slowly rotting away

I do like the strong looking sky in some of these photos – I wish I could take ‘normal’ monochrome images like this!

Technical note:- Camera: 20Mp cropped format sensor running at ISO200. Lens: Film era 24mm. Filter 850nm. All images taken in Raw format and processed in Photoshop. Panorama Stitching: Autopano Pro.

Author: Paul L.G. Morris

I am an amateur photographer whose photography is mostly of gardens, nature and the rural environment. My specialities are close-ups, panoramic views, or a combination of both that I call 'Nearscapes'. I work mostly for my own interest having closed my business PM Studios Ltd.

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