Or ‘Virtual Tours Through Time’ Or ‘Transition Time Lapse’

I have a page on ‘Before and After’ type of comparisons. But what if there is more than 2 images to display? So far I have developed two approaches to this:

  • Create a video using the images in sequence similar to a time-lapse (but at a slower pace!) As I am not sure what to call these short videos I have started making, for now I will call them ‘Transition time lapse’.
  • Use Virtual Tour software to achieve a more interactive experience.

Below I show two options with a sequence of photos of a tree taken over the course of about 10 months. The first shows the virtual tour option, the second shows the video option. A couple of advantages of the Virtual Tour method is the interactivity and the ability to zoom in to see the detail:

Below are the same images in a short video – the YouTube copy can be seen here:

Transition-time-lapse of a tree through a year.

The garden ‘Transition Time Lapse’ video below shows how our garden changes of the course of the year 2021. Or you can view the Youtube version here:

This is the complete ‘Transition Time Lapse’ video of the garden for 2021.

I have created a second ‘Transition Time Lapse’ of a tree for 2021 (the first is shown towards the end of this page). You can view this on my Youtube channel as well:

‘Transition time lapse video of a tree through 2021

The videos below are 2 trials of using panoramic photographs for a ‘Transition Time Lapse’. The subject is a field next to the smallholding in Norfolk where we used to live – the photos were taken from a shed roof! First is the short version then the longer one. You can view the Youtube versions here (1) and here (2):

A short ‘Transition Time Lapse’ video showing a field through the seasons
A longer more detailed ‘Transition Time Lapse’ video showing a field through the seasons