Articles Published

As well as photography, I have a history of writing articles for a wide variety of magazines. This ranged from computer programming to smallholding to nature and the environment. The magazines I worked for ranged from a US based internationally distributed magazine down to local community magazines. Below I go into more detail.

Harrowing Times: A small community magazine for the Norfolk Smallholder Training Group. As a smallholder then living in Norfolk I joined this group and during my time with them I wrote a few articles including: Fungi Foray. Other articles included: ‘A Pig Shelter for Nowt.’ and ‘Denton Black Hand Cyder Pressing Day’.

The Countryman: I have had one article published in this magazine in March 2007. This was about artisan made ‘Natural Chairs‘.

Period Living: A simple back page article about our smallholding in Wales.

Smallholding: Most of my writing was for the magazine Smallholder. These articles covered a range of topics and included my own photographs and illustrations. Here are a few examples:

In addition, I have had a couple of my photos used for the cover page of the other smallholding magazine, Country Smallholding.

Computer programming: I started writing for a US based (and internationally distributed) magazine then called iSeries News that specialised in IBM ‘mid-range’ technology known then as the IBM iSeries. IBM has gone through a number of name changes and the magazine has changed its name to follow but this was the name at the time. I first started writing for this magazine in 2003 and continued to 2006 when I left the industry. In this time I also wrote their first blog.

Writing for this magazine required that the articles should be of interest to the experienced programmer, but also appeal to, and inform, the beginner. With the number of articles I had published in this magazine I feel that I succeeded in this aim. Here is a partial list of articles published (These are somewhat technical in nature):

There was also a UK version of the magazine iSeries News UK, mostly less technical that carried several of my articles – this is an example from January 2004: Double Entry Stock Keeping