Infra-red panoramic views from the end of our garden

As I have mentioned before, we are fortunate (until it gets built on) in having a view across a field from the corner of our small suburban garden. I have been practicing some infra-red panoramic photography by photographing this view. Here are a couple more examples:

Infra-red view across a field taken on 30th April 2022

I am still learning as I go. I am trying to improve my Photoshop skills in processing these kind of images. I am reasonable pleased with this apart from a slight halo effect a bit like over-processed HDR photos but these have not had any such processing.

Another view but with fluffy white clouds. Taken on 7th May 2022

I do like this type of cloud in B&W photos. Back in film days I could get a similar effect with the clouds using a dark red filter. I have noticed that the trees are reflecting the infra red more strongly as the leaves develop – they show whiter. For comparison, here is a colour version taken at the same time (with a ‘normal’ camera):

Normal colour view taken at the same time

And finally, here are the last two photos with a comparison slider:

IR image
Colour colour