Posterisations – Developing my Techniques

My sources of inspiration are varied but one technique I like is that of posterisation in pictures (not photographs) for the 1930s and 40s. To produce what I want needs a lot more effort than just using the simple posterisation effect in Photoshop. Here I show a sequence of images that build up to get (almost) the effect I am after. Note that the selection of different parts of the image is rough and ready – this is because I am exploring the technique, not making a finished product!

The starting point image of the National Trust country house at Canons Ashby
Processing the foreground greens
Processing the building’s yellows and browns
Basic posterisation
Posterisation with enhanced detail

The enhanced detail may not show well, so below I show a magnified slider comparison of the posterised version both with and without the detail:

Enlarged view of posterisation
Enlarged view of posterisation with detail