RPS Processing eCircle: Photo of Fountains Abbey

I supplied the photograph for this month’s eCircle meeting for the members to process. This was a photo of the ruins at the National Trust property at Fountains Abbey and was taken on a dull, wet day. I am still experimenting with posterisation techniques so I show a selection of my results below. I will start with a comparison slider of the original (with basic exposure adjustments) against the final posterised image:

Starting image of Fountains Abbey with basic exposure edits
Final posterised version of the image

This final version does have a few issues: the outline of the different colours in the sky is too strong and the border between the sky and foreground hasn’t worked well.

In this second comparison I am showing the final photo as above with the monochrome version:

Final posterised version again
Monochrome version of posterised image

One thing that I like to do which doesn’t show in the lower resolution images is to re-introduce some detail or texture. To demonstrate this I have a cropped version showing before/after the introduction of the detail:

Cropped image with no fine detail
Cropped image with fine detail

So, not a perfect image but each time I work on one I am learning…