More on the bird table…

The pigeons are quite determined to, despite my efforts to deter them, continue to feed at the bird table:

The bird spikes haven’t stopped them
With a bit of effort…
…they can get in
Luckily, the sparrows can still get a look in…
… and enjoy a meal

The following photos shows the setup for this. I have the camera in a modified plastic food container (with appropriate holes cut in) that has aluminium tape around it to reflect the heat of the sun. It is powered from an external 12v battery which is also in a plastic food container and is hanging on the trellis. On the shed roof is an PIR (passive infra-red) detector in a small plastic box with the trigger mechanism (from VersaTrigger) in a medium plastic box also hanging from the trellis. It looks a bit of a lash-up but this protects everything from the weather and bird droppings.

The camera set-up

You may wonder why I don’t use a trail/camera trap system. I do have one but this method has a couple of advantages: the quality of the image and the response time to take a photo.