A New Year, A new website…

I have just completed a reworking of my website. Although the blog hasn’t changed, the main content (excluding the galleries) has been changed to use a Content Management System (CMS).

The purpose of the CMS allows me to maintain the website directly on the website without all the the hand-coding I had used before. This also gives me the opportunity to take advantage of more modern features that can be built into a website which are beyond my limited coding skills.

You can see the new website at www.pmstudios.co.uk

As for the galleries, I am still using the same software, but are using a different colour theme to match more closely the new look of the website. I have only completed these changes on one gallery so far; the one for the gardens at East Ruston Old Vicarage. But, not only have I changed the look of the gallery, I have also re-organised the photos within it. I have changed from displaying the photographs by date to showing them by garden. This way it is possible to see the changes to a single garden by season and year.

You can view this gallery at www.pmstudios.co.uk/gallery-erov/index.php

This has been quite time consuming with some aspects being quite complicated such as the ‘buy a print’ and ‘licence an image’ pages. I think I have got this sorted now although I still have to address the issue of a new payment processing method since Google have withdrawn their ‘Google Wallet’ system.

Next job is to work through the other galleries reorganising the content and changing the look of the gallery.

While doing all this, I am now on the committee of my camera club and have built them a new website (using the same CMS approach!). You can see this at www.bungaycameraclub.org.uk