More trials with posterisation

I have tried posterisation on some of last years photos. What I am discovering is that with some images it just doesn’t work. Others need different techniques – there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Here are 3 images I have worked with recently. I am presenting these photos as before/after ‘slider’ pairs and cropped versions showing the detail also as before/after slider pairs. You may need to zoom-in on your device to see some of the texture detail in the cropped versions.

First I am showing a panoramic view of Ynyslas – a large tidal beach and estuary north of Aberystwyth in Wales:

Ynyslas beach panorama
Ynyslas beach panorama posterised

Ynyslas beach panorama crop
Ynyslas beach panorama crop posterised

In the detailed version you should be able to make out where I have re-introduced some texture into the colour blocks. I had a lot of problems with the sky; it may have worked better with a different sky but I prefer to work with the whole image. I do like the landscape though!

In the next 2 images, I have chosen photos taken at Cannock Chase – a tree and a landscape – to see how well they work. As before, I am showing the full image and a detail crop:

Tree in Cannock Chase
Tree in Cannock Chase posterised

Tree in Cannock Chase crop
Tree in Cannock Chase posterised crop

This tree I feel has almost worked but I can’t quite work out how to make it better…

Cannock Chase view
Cannock Chase view posterised

Cannock Chase view cropped
Cannock Chase view cropped

With this view I like the way the sky has turned out but I am not so keen on the landscape. Still, I am learning each time I try this technique.