Intentional Subject Movement

One of the projects for the U3A Photography Group that I belong to is ‘Intentional Subject Movement’. I have been mulling this over for quite a while – I want to do something that I haven’t seen before. So yesterday on a bracing winter walk around my locality I took my camera to see what I could come up with. Below I show two of the results:

Intentional subject movement showing 2 cars
Intentional subject movement showing 2 different cars

For a first attempt I was quite pleased. Allowing movement blur in the subject helps show the movement and having many frames shows a lot of movement. I shall try this technique again.

Author: Paul L.G. Morris

I am an amateur photographer whose photography is mostly of gardens, nature and the rural environment. My specialities are close-ups, panoramic views, or a combination of both that I call 'Nearscapes'. I work mostly for my own interest having closed my business PM Studios Ltd.

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