Garden detail at East Ruston Old Vicarage

Another visit last week to East Ruston Old Vicarage:

Bridge in the gardenIn this visit, as well as taking some ‘straight’ photos, I tried to capture some views that I had not taken before and some unusual angles. I have never really paid much notice to this little footbridge in the ‘Desert Wash and Californian Border’ but this time took some quite pleasant views as you can see above.

The next photo is a more conventional view but I love the colours, both of the argyranthemum in the foreground and the out-of-focus violas in the background. I find the colours are just stunning in this garden.

argyranthemumAs an experiment, I also tried taking a few ‘birds-eye’ views. This next image was taken in the greenhouse near the tearooms:

in the greenhouseI was quite pleased with the result of this experiment but next time I shall try a better viewpoint (providing there is room for me to manoeuvre!)

I love the little touches of detail in the gardens such as this chair in the Mediterranean Garden; small items that are easily overlooked but add to the interest.

chair in the gardenFinally I have chosen another experimental birds-eye view, this one showing the view south in the Mediterranean Garden. One of the problems I had with many of the views was the colour of the sky – it was a bit hazy on this day and, although the sky was blue directly above, it was dull grey near the horizon.

An experimental birds-eye view south of the Mediterranean GardenThe full set of photos taken on this day can be seen in the gallery.