Licencing images

Licensing images or requesting prints:

Uses can include magazines, books, calendars – or any other usage you may have. Exclusivity is an option (provided this has not already been given). Rates are quite reasonable – just ask! If you are an educational establishment or a charity, please include this in your requirements as special terms can be arranged.

To licence images or request a print: Please browse the galleries to identify an image. Then contact me with your requirements by using the contact page. Note: To specify which image you require, please use the reference number to the right of the title above the image as shown by the red arrow.

showing the reference no


Please note: as is the custom, and the legal status, copyright of the photographs remain with the photographer.

Copying prints or web images: Please do not copy any print or web image supplied by me, nor embed my images in any other web page or other document.