A tour through time and space in the garden at Orchard View

This is a basic tour based on 10 panoramic images including two full 360 degree views and one full 360 x 180 degree view (all the way round, up and down).

Using the tour:
Click on the small targets to move from view to view.

These views will automatically start panning once loaded. Or you can use the buttons shown. Or you can click on the image and drag the mouse to pan around the view and zoom with the mouse wheel.

Hotspots (clickable targets) link the views together. Simple text information boxes can be shown when the cursor moves over different parts of the scenes, and there are some soundtracks.
Soundtracks can be added, panoramas can be linked together with ‘hotspots’ (clickable areas) or hotspots can be linked to other areas of your website.
What next?
Interested? Questions? Not sure? Feel free to discuss with me your requirements or if you have any questions. Either contact me via this website (email). Or call me on 07881 784 259 to discuss how I can help.