Last day of the season at East Ruston Old Vicarage

Saturday was the last day of the season so we ensured we went along to see how things were progressing. We were amazed at the colour that was in the garden – a fine autumn show. Here are a few of the 74 resulting photos:

erov walled court

The photo above was taken in the Walled Court, as was the one below:

erov walled court

Below is a view in the Walled Garden:

walled garden

And this is the view through the southern entrance to the Walled Garden:

walled garden

The pavilion was open so I took this view looking north to the house:

Pavilion view

This is a new structure that is being built – I have no idea what it is…

new structure

The larch foliage was a stunning gold colour:

Larch foliage

and bananas in the Exotic Garden:


Finally, one my wife took with her simple compact camera – this is my favourite of the day!:


The full set of my photos are in the EROV gallery here.


Author: Paul L.G. Morris

I am an amateur photographer whose photography is mostly of gardens, nature and the rural environment. My specialities are close-ups, panoramic views, or a combination of both that I call 'Nearscapes'. I work mostly for my own interest having closed my business PM Studios Ltd.