3rd visit of the season to East Ruston Old Vicarage gardens

Now we have moved home, we cannot visit these gardens so often as they are now a 4 hour drive away. However, as we had to go to Norfolk for other reasons we took the opportunity to visit these gardens (for the first time in 3 months!)

Despite the recent spell of hot weather, there was still plenty of colour and interest to see. Here is a selection from our visit on Sunday:

Below is a view to the glasshouse from the Dutch Garden showing some of the amazing, vibrant colour:

garden at EROV

And this is one of the Desert Wash – one of my favourites: garden at EROV

This is the pond in the Glasshouse Garden:garden at EROV

And the magnificent view along the King’s Walk.garden at EROV

The steps are not curved but straight. The reason it shows curved is that I had to use panoramic techniques to take, then stitch, 3 photographs together.